Rebecca E Jones

Experienced, versatile, creative journalist and consultant with a passion for people, investing wisely and giving generously

About Me

I am a seasoned writer and communicator with nearly a decade of experience producing content for online and print channels while also advising corporations and charities on communications and strategy.  

I specialise in finance, and cover a broad spectrum: from economic announcements at the Bank of England, to cutting edge cryptocurrencies, to the personal finance stories of real people. My interest in the arts has also seen me report on culture across the world: from Ho Chi Minh City to Melbourne to Switzerland. I have interviewed an array of public figures from politicians, to tech entrepreneurs, to hedge fund managers and conceptual artists. 

I blend a passion and enthusiasm for people and creativity with an understanding of the politics, economics and market forces that underlie our world. I am an advocate of sustainable consumption and investing as a power for positive social change through innovation and financial inclusion.